The Royal History, and the Gothic and Jewish (Catalan) origin of the lineage of King David

The Royal History, and the Gothic and Jewish (Catalan) origin of the lineage of King David

Two chained stories: the manipulation of Sacred History, and that of Jewish and Catalan Gothia. And how it is related with the international Catalan lawsuit, despite not being aware of it. I hadn’t planned to talk about it yet, but Josep Cozar (Àrea Hermètica, Ràdio Caldes, April 14, 2021) has stretched the neochronological thread so well that today (yesterday) this exciting door is open.

… Let’s see how far it takes us.

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The English Wikipedia says:

A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France, 768–900 is a research book about Frankish medieval history by Arthur J. Zuckerman (published in 1972 by Columbia University Press).

According to Zuckerman’s thesis presented in the book, a vassal Jewish princedom was established in Narbonne (Septimania) by the Carolingian king Pepin as a reward for Jewish cooperation in the Frankish conquest of the city in 759 CE from Muslim Al-Andalus. The dynasty of Jewish rulers was later also confirmed by Pepin’s son Charlemagne and endowed with significant lands and privileges. He views later counts and dukes of Toulouse (Aquitaine) and Barcelona (Hispanic Marches) under the Carolingians as scions of these Jewish rulers. The first ruler was Makhir of Narbonne, a likely descendant of the Babylonian exilarch Bostanai, of the 7th century CE.

Zuckerman argues that the Princedom played an important role as a buffer zone in the border area between the Muslim caliphate south of the Pyrenees and the Christian Frankish Empire in the north. Its counts played influential roles in the imperial military campaigns in the Hispanic Marches, Aquitaine, and at the Carolingian court in Aachen.

Zuckerman’s thesis has been contested by several scholars and criticized for its conjecture and lack of reliable evidence. Particularly his tendency to identify presumably Christian Carolingian nobles with Jewish members of the House of Exilarchs.

Well he is right, in part. Indeed, these are the biblical facts of the Exile. But he is wrong about one capital theme. It is when Judaism begins, not before. For this reason, Prince Solomon since Narbonne, Cerdanya and Barcelona imposes a pact with the Saracens who come from the south. It is the Peace and Truce (which official history has made Christian, and Benedictine), that is, the Peace of the Ark of the Covenant, by Solomon. Thus begins a civilizing era never before imagined, and the Hebrew myth. With them come the Levites, the people chosen by Moses, who is Musa Ibn Nusayr (comes from Egypt), and justice. Then comes a whole philosophy and the worship of one omnipotent God. As Josep Bastardas points out, in his documentary research, the Levites are in monasteries and Catalan powers, in the Middle Ages. He does not share the neochronological idea, which seems radical, but is very clear that its imprint has been erased and Christianized, deliberately.

What has happened has been, among other things, that the Visigothic and Christian, Benedictine, and Count stories have been created in their place, and the real one, which was Jewish and Gothic, has been erased. And, in the same way, other stories spaced in time have been created. For example, Jewish powers are separated from the Cathars, and then Templar powers are created which are then transformed into St. John’s and spliced ​​with the papacy of Avignon. But, as neochronology deciphers, everything must be understood in another sense, much more compressed. The Middle Ages did not last eight centuries, but just over two. Thus, in the seventeenth century everything changes. Gnostic currents are persecuted and the Jewish powers are forced to accept a messianic project, which they resist. Thus, converted Jews subjugate faithful Jews, and a strong struggle begins that will end with the integral manipulation of lineages, and of religions. Along the way, the supreme Jewish pontiff, of Avignon, moves with new powers from the East who move to Rome. And the Jewish exodus begins, the forced exodus, this time by the force of repression.

In this way, we find the first biblical imprint on highly symbolic graphic documents, which Official History does not properly recognize. He places them in the 14th century, and makes them a handwritten rarity, like someone who writes the Bible in a summary comic. But no, the Bible is just beginning to circulate. The events of the ninth and fourteenth centuries overlap, just as the events of the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries also overlap. Thus, in a highly twisted and powerful way, a beginning and an end are created for the fourteenth century, and it is impossible to follow the thread of real history.

Sister Haggadah from Barcelona. The Hebrew people leaving Egypt with Moses in front with the flag that today is Catalan. The people passes between the two towers of Hercules.

That is, it all begins then, but official history has created parallel stories, such as the birth of the Christian nations of the West, and a very long medieval development. It begins to write the Bible, narrating this glory, the Torah, the Talmud, the Kabbalah, and all the Jewish books. And the Holy Sepulcher is created in Jerusalem, which honors the lineage of the great world emperor, who has become a God. It’s not David, it’s not Christ. It is a lineage. First, the cult of leaders is created in Petra, as Dan Gibson rightly narrates in his research, between 2004 and 2017. But, after a struggle to lead this new power, Jerusalem is created, being a project that is born distorting reality, and Mecca is also created. This is the enterprise of the Order of the Temple of Solomon, and for this reason (making a religious mutation and manipulating history) the Kingdom of Jerusalem falls, in the 21st century, on the King of Spain, before falling on the Count of Provence, who is also an Anjou.

The great parable of History, according X-185 timeline

But, of course, Zuckerman, in 1972 he did not know that at NASA Robert R. Newton begins to question the astrophysical symbol of the Almagest of Hipparchus and Ptolemy, and that because of this the young Anatoly T. Fomenko resumes research of his compatriot Nicolai Alexandrovich Morozov and creates the New Chronology that explains it. And a few years ago, from Barcelona, following Fomenko’s thread, it starts tying heads.

It is seemingly complex to explain that history and the historians who treat it up to the eighteenth century are utterly wrong, and so are all specialists in religious history, especially the Bible. And it seems even more so when real history explains that all human civilization (including Egypt) must be understood in just under a thousand years, not in the three or four thousand that Official History says.

Well, this story is written when it is believed worldwide that God created the Universe, the Earth, the Day and the Night, man and woman and all of nature about six thousand years ago. No one believes in any prehistory, and everything needs to be filled. Thus, narratives are created that refer to a mythical past. Powers are all respected, but they are ordered decontextualized to impose the Bible and the New Testament, in the name of tradition, and startling books by ancient historians, and documents, that support it. This fills all the gaps. But a fatal mistake is made, because historical consciousness is transformed. It is, in fact, a disaster, not daring to correct everything and discovering that God does not really exist or create everything, six thousand years ago now. In the 19th century Charles Darwin discovers the origin of species, and then rethinks the origin of the Universe. Now… the Official History, falsified and dilated without contemplations, no one dares to change it. There is no lucid mind that dares to say it out loud, except for illustrious people like Isaac Newton (in line with how Spinoza does it, saying it literally and no one wanting to see it), as well as Nicolai Alexandrovich Morozov and Anatoly Fomenko, with Gleb Nosovskiy, and others who denounce him, such as Jean Hardouin (1646-1729), Petr Nikiforovich Krekshin (1684-1763), Robert Baldauf (19th-20th centuries), Edwin Johnson (1842-1901), Wilhelm Kammeyer (s.XIX-1959), and Immanuel Velikovsky (1895-1979). The general criterion is to accommodate the established narrative and, the more literature is created, the better. Contemplating and exalting historical myths and legends, in the name of philosophy, theology, or politics, is rewarding. Just as it has to do fantasy, in the name of pseudo-science fiction. Questioning the symbolic pillars that are promoted from the dominant power has punishment. It is heresy, and expulsion. It is scorn guaranteed, despite the evidence.

Really, the biblical facts begin just over five hundred years ago, and last about two real centuries, until the seventeenth century. Along the way, false origins are created, and from the seventeenth century the myth of the Messianic Christ on an imperial symbol, which is given a “new testament” to the model of the Eastern Buddha, fused with Egyptian Horus and Jewish power. All these symbols are the same project, so from Europe it is believed that it can be merged, just when European colonization begins, in the real seventeenth century, not the official XV. Yes, they are centuries added. Almost two centuries have been added here. Otherwise, a myth is created for the root of the Christian project from Charles Martell and Charlemagne in the 8th and 9th centuries, which is not so old either. Then the most important lineage in the world comes, from the hand of a privileged, Hebrew people from Babylon. They are the Exiliarchs -descendants of King David- that the Bible places in the sixth century BC and who arrive in Occitan Gothia in the eighth century AD. That is, more than one thousand two hundred years invented. And, too, they are powers that come after the official Mongol expansion of the thirteenth century, that is, another five centuries invented. Then, in the 13th century, Prester John, a relative of Genghis Khan, and of the Keraite (Hebrew) tribe, took the lead in the world, from Egypt, guarding the Ark of the Covenant. It is the same power of the Ethiopian Imperial House that officially appears in the 13th century and is proclaimed a descendant of King Solomon (son of David), although historians (“deluded”) deny that the Priest and the Ethiopian emperor were the same. Moreover, the power of the Ethiopian Priest John is that of the Pope of Rome,since it merged with the power of Avignon and moved to Italian Rome, between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries real. The maps are obvious, and historians (always conservative) invent that they didn’t know what they were made of, because they don’t want to see beyond. Total, twenty centuries invented.

Indeed, the biblical episode of the Exiles is to be understood just over five hundred years ago. In fact, it is also the episode of Moses, and of Noah’s Ark, and that of the Covenant. It is when the same lineage that Egypt submits is imposed, as the God of Moses and the Mamluks do. And it is the same that occupies the Russian Horde and Europe on behalf of the Visigoths and Ostrogoths. Yes, everything has been mixed and disordered over time, in a way but well measured and logical. And it expands in time, like someone filling an empty calendar because he wants to send to the past a reality he wants to impose, like the Hebrew myth or the messianic symbol. Thus, everything is separated, and narratives are created on which, to fill a story that begins six thousand years ago (artificial), the Official History is created.

From inter-religious disputes to the Messianic Christ, according X-185 timeline

In short, Judaism was born, above all, in Occitan Gothia, from Babylon, and Egypt, and from there the Bible is largely written. And the county, princely, royal and imperial powers of Western Europe, come from there. The myth of Mary Magdalene of Provence comes from there, and so does the power of Avignon. Therefore, Jews will never find an ancestry of three thousand years with genetic analysis, and will find it impossible to link ancestors up to the eighteenth century with other medieval ones, because the thread has been cut and everything has been manipulated. Baruch Spinoza, or whoever he really was, tells us openly in his posthumous work Theological-Political Treatise, but this is not known either.

Tests? Many, and very scientific, in addition to from Spinoza’s work and medieval maps. Regarding the Occitan Gothia, the work led by Arthur J. Zuckerman (1972), who plagiarized Dan Brown with the work The Da Vinci Code, stands out. Regarding dating, the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovskiy stands out. The religious temples until the seventeenth century include astronomical references that contain a date, and all build the chronological map referred to here. Egyptian, Greco-Roman, Christian and even Persian and Chinese temples. Later, it has been shown that the chronicles of the great lineages or powers are literal copies of a single and main one, located around the Black Sea, from the 13th to the 16th centuries. And all the historical, chronological fraud, which is purely symbolic, is created in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and riveted in the nineteenth.

The dynastic parallelism of great lineages: The phantom reflections of the same mediaeval dynasty – Andreu Marfull

New Chronology – Andreu Marfull

The Catalan lawsuit, which begins in the eighteenth century, has to do with the stigmatization suffered by the Jewish people, and forces them to change to other surnames, which in many cases deny the Jewish past, as do all the great nobles and monarchs Christians, even Columbus himself (King David-Bustanai-Shaltiel-Benevist-La Cavalleria-Colom). And it has to do with the Society of Jesus, which is officially conceived in Montserrat, and with the powers of the Anjou, who become Bourbons. It is then that everything takes on a different tone, and history is agreed globally, in the context of an alliance between the victorious powers that survive the eighteenth century. When this happens, the Catalan people, already Christianized, loses their memory, which they are forced to erase, and lose the necessary authority to say: “you have manipulated real history, and you have turned us into a spoils of war with the right to impose our disappearance because you wanted to create the myth of Christ at the expense of our biblical Jewish past,and to reconquer the world at the expense of a false idea”. But, nevertheless, he maintains enough dignity to say: “we are another language, and we have an identity that wants to survive, and Spain reacts violently when we exclaim, and therefore we want to stop being part of this Spain (miserable)”, although Spain does not remember anything, but keeps the flame of inquisition burning, as it does cruelly, very cruelly, when the project is to end, literally, with all symbolic resistance to the new chronological order, and Christian, in the name of the love of Jesus.


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