Columbus, the Christianized Hebrew power, according to X-185 Chronology

Image: Shipyards of Barcelona. “Les Drassanes”. Author: Enric Martínez, 2015.

Columbus, the Christianized Hebrew power, according to X-185 Chronology

Andreu Marfull-Pujadas

27th. July 2021

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“Colón, ¿un príncipe judío?”. In EL PAÍS COSTA RICA, August, 31, 2021. On line: [September 1st. 2021]. PDF version.

This dissertation explores the content of the article “The Jewish King of Narbonne”, by Aryeh Graboïs (from Annales du Midi: revue archéologique, historique et philologique de la France méridionale, Tome 109, N ° 218, 1997, pp. 165-188), and from the book A Jewish Princeton in Feudal France, 768-900, by Arthur Zuckerman (from Columbia University Press, 1972). Both publications take us to a story that is not explained in schools: the Jewish principality of Narbonne, and its relationship with Charles Martel and Charlemagne. But his interest moves to the figure of the discoverer of America, Christopher Columbus. For this, an argued contextualization is carried out on the lineage that is explored in these two works, called Kalonymus, and the possible kinship of him with Columbus. The thesis argued here is that the last great Jewish prince was Columbus, but official history has distorted the facts, time and names so that we cannot see him. Behind them is the unacknowledged mystery of the forced Jewish conversion of 1492 and the mythical Priory of Sion. All this, without a neochronological look, which dismantles and reconstructs the sacred history and its official chronological map, and places it in the Middle Ages, is impossible to believe. Or put another way, it is possible to see it this way if it is understood, and accepted (which are two different things), the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovsky.

Columbus was a leader.

Columbus was a leader who belonged to a great lineage. He was because he negotiated with the kings (and Vatican) to lead the occupation of the world, and aspired to reclaim the Holy Land. If he was not, it does not make sense for him to agree to the so-called Capitulations of Santa Fe. As he said in the article “Another mental map for the discovery of America”, (in El País Costa Rica, 2019):

These capitulations, months before consummating the “discovery”, do not make sense, and neither does the division of the world between the Hispanic kings of Spain and Portugal, at least in the way it has been transmitted to us. It makes no sense to delegate to the lineage of a supposed discoverer the rank of Viceroy of Asia (a lifetime position for him and his successors) and send him there with only three ships to take possession of the lands before the magnificent authority of the Great Khan; nor that he be given the right to tithe that until then belonged to the church; nor that he be made the chief judge of all the matters that are settled there.

In this publication he also added the relationship of this company with the Order of the Temple of Solomon, despite the supposed anachronistic evidence of the impossibility of doing so, because said order ceased its activity in 1307, 185 years before the discovery of America. But, based on the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovsky, and the X-185 variant, he highlighted that with a neochronological reading it could be transferred to the time of the discovery, and this was not in 1492, but 185 years later. That is to say, this order does not fall in 1307, but in 1492 which, in reality, was 1677. Behind is the argued thesis of a reinvention of the past that is difficult to understand and accept, but is based on evident and robust evidence, such as they are the dates of the zodiacs of the temples, the genealogical duplications and the great work of reconstruction and documentary falsification that appears just after the discovery. For more information, consult the work History: Fiction or Science?, by Anatoly Fomenko and Greb Nosovsky. Finally, in a complementary but no less minor way, he recalled the casual relevance of Catalans at the beginning of the colonization, as evidenced by the documentary study, and even gets to be seen in numerous planes where its emblem appears, which is the one that also wears the so-called Crown of Aragon (see the maps of Jorge Reinel, 1519; of Guillaume Le Testu, 1555; of Bastian Lopes, 1558; of Lázaro Luís, 1563; of Domingo Teixeira, 1573; of Joan Oliva, 1614; etc.). A crown, that of Aragon, which is in decline along with the authority of the Catalans, and Christopher Columbus himself, according to official history. But that was not all, since he considered the logical relationship of all these evidences with the beginning of the suspicious persecution of Judaism in Spain, also in the official year of 1492.

For these reasons, it highlighted that:

On the other hand, it does make sense that Columbus represented the Genoese and/or Catalan authority of the Order of the Temple of Solomon (which to date would have been the main maritime authority of the military arm, as evidenced by the discovery paintings and the world maps), after the attack of the King of France towards said Order in the Frankish and Occitan lands in the royal year 1677 (the official 1307), coinciding with the weakening of the pact or alliance of the Ark of Solomon, between East and West.

And he added:

Based on this reasoning, it makes sense that Columbus was the head of an imperial lineage associated with the great monarchs, which in turn represented and/or replaced the Jewish authority of Western Europe and a Roman and Solomonic religious and military order, dominant and main, before its subsequent dismantling to give rise to the new Catholic and Roman order of the Vatican. (…) For this reason, Pope Innocent VIII would deliver to Don Miguel Alonso de Pinzón, before the feat of discovery, a document of the Court of Solomon from the Jewish establishment that reported how to get to great and rich lands that were in the West, pointing to Mexico. The Court existed, and in that beginning it was Jewish and papal.

At this point, the investigation continued and it was finally fitted into the book La vía Cronológica (Ediciones de La Tempestad, 2020), but now it has taken a new turn. The Catalan, and Jewish, thesis of the lineage of the discoverer of America, has new proofs, and evidences, that point to this reconstruction. And we know that Spinoza wrote that the Middle Ages were the age of the Jewish principalities; which suggests that the supreme pontiffs were, in fact, Jews; and that the entire Bible, from the Book of Genesis to the Jewish exodus from Babylon was a single narrative dilated in time, and an episode of history. See the article on Spinoza published on the New Chronology website.

The discoverer of America was called Colom, not Colón or Columbus (although they may be versions adapted to the respective languages) because so says his epistolary letter that is published when he just arrives from America; because that is also how his descendants call themselves; and because that is how the chronicler Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo calls him (1). Colom is as he is known in Catalan lands, but he appears and disappears out of nowhere, there is no trace of him, and the Coloms of Barcelona, Valencia or Mallorca (Catalan lands) seem to have little to do (or not).

A Catalan named Bertran Margarit was the first governor of the Indies, named Pere, who was historically considered an Italian, but now it is known who he was. Some Bertran, cousins ​​of the Margarit, belonged to a wealthy branch in Barcelona named Colom (as the discoverer) and another Margarit, named Joan, was a distinguished educator of King Ferdinand of Aragon. There was also a distinguished cartographer named Jaume Bertran who was part of the Mallorcan school, the most important of the time. Curious, but it seems that nobody is interested. Oh, and he is also a Catalan, named Jaume Ferrer de Blanes, who delimits the distribution of the world’s lands between the Catholic kings and the kings of Portugal in the Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494, but now no one knows where it comes from, nor who was his royal family. And another, named Bernat Boïl, who is the first Patriarch of the West Indies. On the other hand, Admiral Colom informs the kings of the “feat” in Barcelona; ​​there the first letter that attests to it is published; and the impulse of the first expeditions comes from the environment of the king and count of Barcelona. In particular, the money comes from converted Jews who will end up, all or almost all, at the stake. The La Cavalleria and the Santàngel stand out, settled in Catalan and Valencian lands, also Aragonese, according to documentary sources. They convinced the king to support Colom, and put their resources, and those of the crown, that they administered. The La Cavalleria, in turn, are a distinguished Jewish convert lineage who were previously the administrators of the Order of the Temple of Solomon. And they are family with Lluís Santàngel, who marries with a La Cavalleria, as does the king’s secretary, Joan Coloma, although there are those who question it. On the other hand, all this environment is closely linked to another famous surname, this time Jewish, named Benvenist, who in turn is administrator of the property of the kingdom of Castile just until shortly before the wedding of the kings Ferdinand and Elisabeth, organized, by the way, by the lineage La Cavalleria together with other Jews. And this is no longer curious, it is very significant, as it is that the Pope is Valencian, of Catalan land. And, it is worth saying… the holy chalice is found (one of the versions of it, surely the main one) in the cathedral of Valencia. This is official, but it seems that it does not attract attention, nor is it related to the famous Jewish expulsion of 1492, which was also Arab, after the occupation, by the king, of the kingdom of Granada. Then, like all this environment, Colom will be the object of an obvious erasure. Their descendants are deprived of their rights in the famous lawsuits from 1529 to 1535, and the original letters of the discoverer have been lost, and the original document of the Capitulations of Santa Fe, which… curiously, the first reference is found in the Cancelleria from Barcelona and the firm Joan Coloma, the secretary with family with the La Cavalleria. Everything we know about him is basically from outside sources. He was not even the only discoverer dethroned in those lawsuits, there is also the case of Hernán Cortés and, in another order, one could add that of Francisco Pizarro (with Jewish roots). Curiously, Cortés even wears the sign of the counts of Barcelona in the center of his heraldic shield, and the royal house of Aragon, of Catalan roots, has the counts of Cortés, who are knights of the Order of Saint John, of great honors. Too many coincidences, except that we believe that Catalonia and the Jews has not related with the “discovery” because we are really naive. Official history has left an explanation for everything, but there are so many alarms that surround Jews and Catalans, and their tragic fate in Western Europe, that it should make us think.

Where do you look, then? There was a main lineage bearer of King David, named Kalonymus, before Colom called himself “Christ bearer” (signed as “Xpo FERENS”). Behind the last Kalonymus there is, probably (here it is presented as a hypothesis), the identity of the “discoverer”, who was also that of the last great Jewish prince, heir to the great father, or “holy father”, of all the powers of Europe that we now understand as Christians. But hey, that deserves an explanation.

Let’s remember. Let’s recover where the Jewish surname comes from, named Kalonymus, installed in the official 8th century in Narbonne. “Kalonymus” would come to mean “He who bears the beautiful name”, according to the experts, and a dear friend. They were the main lineage, recognized throughout Europe, descended from King David. The sign of his shield was the rampant lion, from Judea (which may be behind, who knows, the Kingdom of León, before being intervened by Castile, and of all the “rampant lions” of Europe, especially of Flanders and England). The Exilarchs of Babylon were descendants of the great David, before he was made the biblical king. This must be understood well, true. It is said that they were the ones who spread the thesis of the Babylonian roots of the powers associated with the great Charlemagne, but the story may be different. To begin with, it is striking that they are not talked about, and that they disappear suddenly at the beginning of the 14th century, between Naples and Catalonia, officially, although here the dust is removed from the documents that imply it. For now, I have written down the thread of Ariadna that leads us to the discoverer Cristóbal Colom, who starts from the basis that the events of the 14th century should be understood as closer. I base myself on the neochronological reconstruction that I have been exploring for years, with the priceless research project of the New Chronology of the mathematicians Fomeko and Nosovsky, but also on the studies contributed by other privileged minds. The work of Zuckerman and the equivalent of Graboïs stand out, which Josep Bastardas (a Catalan researcher who works on it, although following the official chronology) complements in his latest publications when he bluntly states that the Jewish Levites could well be abbots Christians, lords of the monasteries we have Christianized (see “¿Eran judíos los carolingios?”, in Arqueología, historia y viajes sobre el mundo medieval, no. 78, 2021, pp. 40-47; and “Els Levites: el poder fàctic del territori comtal català”, in Querol: Revista Cultural Cerdanya, no. 26, 2020, pp. 16-27).

The last direct descendants of the Kalonymus, as can be seen (despite the “official” chronological traps), are the families that organize the marriage between the kings Ferdinand and Elisabeth, and those that plan the discovery of America. The thread to follow is Babilonia-Kalonymus-Shaltiel/Benvenist-La Cavalleria… and the Gracia/Mendes (of Portugal), the Santàngel and the Coloma, the Paternoy and others. They are all family, look where, and even the Benvenist are called “Nasi”, Jewish princes. Also, with the Bertrans (the name change from a Benvenist to a Bertran is known), who could be the family of the famous Pere [Bertran] Margarit and his cousins ​​Colom Bertran from Barcelona, ​​the all-powerful patrons of the Hospital of Sacred Cross and co -founders of the Table of Change (the first public bank of the so-called Crown of Aragon), that official history does not remember where they come from. That is, they are Jewish lineage, what do we say convert, first level? Most likely, as were Jaume Ferrer de Blanes and other protagonists of the “feat”, such as Cortés and Pizarro. Before, the Benvenist lead (officially and systematically) the defense of the Jews in all medieval disputes against Christians, from the 12th to the 15th century. Behind there is always a Vidal Benvenist, and a La Cavalleria, if we believe the official story, since in reality it would have been only a single and main dispute and Vidal himself. By manipulating the documents, “false mirrors” have been created, which are duplications multiple resulting from the dilation of history that clearly demonstrates the Fomenkian neochronology.

Following this thread, the Colom “discoverers” and their entire entourage would be a clan of the Kalonymus lineage in one of its variants, since they had also settled in Italy and Germany. This requires another contextualization. Officially, there are two large blocks of Kalonymus: one around Narbonne and the other around the Germanic and Italian lands. The firsts carry the honor of calling themselves “princes,” and the seconds do not. Some have roots in Narbonne and others in Lucca, Tuscany. Both powers come from Charlemagne. The Italian and Germanic Kalonymus have their roots in Lucca. And, curiously, from Lucca comes the power of Florence, officially since the year 1000. Until then Lucca is the capital of Tuscany, understood as the limit of the Holy Roman Empire, and from then on it will be Florence. From Lucca they moved to Worms (present-day Germany), and in both cities they created schools of thought, as is also done in Narbonne. As a curiosity, the power of Florence, and the scientific school that develops there, may well come from the Lucca of the Kalonymus. Florence, in the past, also has the emblem of the rampant lion. And all this points, of course, to Leonardo da Vinci.

Going into more detail, in the text written by Graboïs, about the princes of Narbonne, we can intuit the presence of the lineage of King David behind the protagonists of the “discovery” of America. The princes were called Kalonymus and had the principality in Narbonne, as well as another principal in Barcelona. They come from Babylon, they are Jewish Exilarchs and from them come the Jewish schools that were implanted throughout Western Europe in the Middle Ages. They hereditarily directed the Talmudic school of Narbonne, they were known as the “Jewish kings of Narbonne” and Benjamin of Tudela himself called them “the center of the Torah.” It is considered that they came to represent the highest prestige of the western Jewish world, and from there the well-known kabbalah would be born.

It is thus a great story, which is difficult to fit into the Christian idea of ​​the Roman papacy and the eminently Christian nature of the European nobility and monarchy. But it is even more complex to accept that they leave direct descendants up to the vicinity of the “Catholic” king and the discoverer, Colom, through the Benvenist. An offspring, on the other hand, royal (of royalty), since with them the powers of medieval European royalty originate. The latter is not said by Graboïs, it is demonstrated by genealogical studies by tying up the dots, which, by the way, are mostly the work of Jewish scholars. Along these lines, Zuckerman lets us know that it is highly probable that the Carolingian and Exilarch lineages of Babylon (Jewish, rooted in Narbonne) were at the root of the royal and princely powers and privileges of Europe. According to documents, the Carolingian King Pippin established a Jewish vassal prince in Narbonne as a reward for cooperation with the fight against Al-Andalus, and the ruler would have been Makhir of Narbonne, a probable descendant of the Babylonian Exilarch David Bostanai. He deduces that it is the same Theodoric, William of Gellone’s father, who marries Charles Martel’s daughter, Alda, Pippin’s sister, according to the work of Prince Kalonymus ben Tordos, a descendant of Makhir. The documentation that points out is varied, and the last great proof appears near Narbonne in 1829, in the abbey of Lagrasse, although there are currently sources that make William of Gellone (the Count of Tolouse) himself the first Kalonymus. That, yes, the line of the Kalonymus, according to Zuckerman, begins when he finishes the research that he does until the 9th century. In this sense, the work of Aryeh Graboïs works on the continuation of him, until the 14th century. Was it six centuries of Jewish princes? It may be, but neochronology explains it to us in another way, differently.

There is a reconstructed history that has dislocated the facts chronologically and has spaced them in historical time, which has been extended, and this premeditated manipulation is intended to desorient the investigator and create an alternative history. Simply put, King David’s biblical deeds are also those of David Bostanai, from the 7th century AD, which predate the arrival of the Exilarchs in Narbonne. Bostanai is the Jewish leader recovered from Persian oppression, as is the case with the equivalent Jewish people at the hands of King Nebuchadnezzar, although some events are from the 7th century AD and others from the 7th BC. Josep Bastardas has seen the relationships, and the neochronology gives the explanation. Bostanai is the first David, if you know how to see the neochronological mirror. And he is part of the future Christ. David Bostanai is known as a powerful Jewish, Babylonian leader who is said to have regained Jewish lineage before the Muslim occupation of all of Persia. It seems that before the Jews allied with the Persians to fight the Byzantine emperor, but then there was a series of twists, new alliances and betrayals, in which the Byzantines took revenge, and the Persian king wanted to exterminate all Jews. But in the end Byzantines, Jews and Persians ended up agreeing. It is like a story modeled on the struggle between Jews and Babylonians, and the subsequent one-time occupation of Persia by Alexander the Great. Or they are not two stories, but they are the same one written twice, in the line that neochronology works. The thing is, legend has it that the Persian king killed the entire lineage of King David, but a woman carried in her womb a descendant, who was David Bostanai. It was like a miracle. Legend has it that the Persian king had a dream where he was told to let the lineage persist, and so he did. The Babylonian king married a daughter of his to David Bostanai, and since then, officially, and legendarily, the Davidic lineage is reborn. It is almost modeled on the legend of the birth of Jesus in the New Testament. A dream heralds a miracle, and a woman is pursued to carry in her womb the last king of the Jews, but in the end the king is born and rules the world. They are, in fact, the same legend. But what is highlighted here, otherwise, is that David is not reborn with the Bostanai, but with him his power is born. It is the origin. With it, the peace announced by the prophetic books is “reborn”, which will end up designing actual Christianity, but before it builds the holy book, the Bible, and creates the Jewish school. True, he is hard to accept, logically. But this is the neochronology. Well, it’s a part. In reality everything is radically different from how it has been explained to us. What we understand by Middle Ages is sacred history. It is shorter and wilder, and civilizing. With the second temple of Israel the foundations are laid for a reconstruction that is successful, and will end up creating the symbolic power that unites the three monotheistic religions of the East with Buddhism. The book of Ezekiel and the biblical Apocalypse, contrasted, make it very clear to us. But it also begins a new way of understanding time, and of writing history, and of rewriting it at your convenience. The power in few hands has that, it ends up being abused. The real history has been more than six centuries subjected to a strong distortion to create powers, and to destroy them. Thus, one of the consequences of this documentary gibberish is the impossibility of finding the answers in clarifying original documents, and this gives wings to the imagination. For example, there is the case of the theory of the Merovingian Priory of Sion, which looks for the root in the biblical Mary Magdalene and which in reality amounts to a plagiarism of the history of the Exilarchs, which Dan Brown makes his own by copying the work of Zuckerman in the novel The Da Vinci Code. I mean, Graboïs and Zuckerman do a great job, but they don’t finish it, and Brown ends up manipulating it to create a commercial product. Graboïs even includes an unconscious vice in his reconstruction by not believing that they were really the children of Exilarcas. He is excessively conservative and does not dare to touch the sacred text, of course. Similarly, Zuckerman does not fail to validate the Frankish kingdom. Thus, the Merovingian idea and the Exilarchs are very close but none of these investigations dares to see the relationships. They deny the evidence and feed erroneous myths. And, of course, unless neochronology is accepted no one dares to put the Kalonymus next to the Colom.

They, and all minimally “sensible” researchers, come up against the difficulty of believing a neochronological history difficult to fit in with the official history. Thus, some seek only the ancestors that make them Davidic lineage, and others… at most the Holy Grail and the myth of Mary Magdalene. But some do not want to see the Christian idea, and others the Jewish one. Thus, they do not meet and cannot move forward, together. And this has an explanation: the history has been manipulated, and the real context of the sacred texts. In another order, not less, there is another added difficulty. This history is partly Catalan and Provencal, when in the Middle Ages they were the same county house, and official international history has erased this trace. Everyone sees a French and Christian history up to the Pyrenees, and does not look at the Catalan or the Jewish. Catalonia and the Catalans, and all Occitans, as well as Jews, have been deprived of being able to write their own medieval history freely (which is Templar, Cathar and Jewish, essentially) by the French and Spanish academies, under the observance inquisitorial who has censored books, archives and libraries to the point of exhaustion.

It is therefore convenient to put everything back together. The thread that follows here says: this lineage comes from Babylon and they are the true Biblical Exilarchs (the originals) who come to the West, by the hand of Moses, who we have transformed into Musa ibn Nusair. Yes, they are biblical facts. The neochronology makes it very clear: it is the exodus from Sinai to the promised land. That is, the Jews are not called by Charlemagne, but they are called by the Saracens, and the Carolingian idea would have had no other intention than to create a Christian idea of ​​the new Rome, the Italian. In this sense, Fomenko has solved it, and here it has only just been contextualized. The Christianization of tartar history in Europe begins with that of Charlemagne, and the myth of the Frankish resistance. In reality, they would be the new Greek-Egyptian power united with the Persian, and the Hebrew, who are Tartars. The Goths and Visigoths reflections of the invasions of Europe would be the same reflected story. They, the newcomers, lead the political civilization based on the universal justice of one God. With the passage of time, however, and with the manipulation of history that is imposed with the European colonial project, they are made to mutate towards the Carolingian and Bellonide lineages, the counts of Carcassonne and Razes, being a line that moves to the counts of Barcelona. That is why the sources that speak of it are recent works, from the 18th or 19th century, and are based on controlled medieval sources, probably falsified, by the Christian powers that are imposed just when the encyclopedias are created, before establishing education of universal history among all human beings.

But rewriting History and corrupting documents has risks, and cleaning everything up is not so easy. Now it is deduced, based on the facts that we find documented in the XI-XIII centuries, that the Exilarchs that we locate in the VIII-X centuries control the schools and the creation of the sacred text, hand in hand with the community of Babylon (who It is no longer in Mesopotamia, but in Cairo), and they assume the role of justice, administration and education in Western Europe, from Grenada upwards. In Granada they also have their school, which over time leads them to embrace another story. The Exilarchs maintain the status of Jewish princes, and are made “kings of the Jews”, when that recognizes them as leaders, and history fails to make them disappear from documentary memory. His power is that of the lineage of King David, which means “the beloved.” Thus, a double sacred branch is created, royal and county, frank and Catalan, Septiman (Septimania is Gothia, Occitania), and a Jewish principality. His first descendants are European royalty, Zuckerman gets very close to it. But the reconstruction does not end here. It is just beginning and is poorly fitted.

What happened? Why do the Jews “fall”? One explanation is this (attention: another story begins, very brief here). The Kalonymus cultivate cultural, political, economic and scientific development in the West, and bring with them the knowledge that comes from the East, along with the powers that be. Powers are born that have a Jewish stamp in the West, which together with Babylon (Cairo) has created a sacred history. An alliance with the Temple of Solomon has been created around the Roman Empire, when the Red Cross is a sign of this empire, and for this reason it is the emblem of Narbonne, which has a parallel with the of Georgia. In Narbonne there is a triangle in each quadrant created by the cross, and in Georgia another cross. That is why they are brotherly powers. Georgia honors the “king of kings” David, and the Jews another David, who is the same. But there the idol and the cult of the emperor are created, which represents universal imperial power, and in the West his power is delegated. The Byzantine emperor is the king of kings, and his power is indisputable, occupying all of Europe and the Caucasus, and extending through Tartaria, after subduing Egypt. The Tatar shrine will be in Yaroslavl (present-day Russia, north of Moscow), where the New Chronology Museum now stands. Andronicus Komnenus is part of this glorious epic, and creates the image of the crucified Christ (following the account in the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovsky). The kings and counts of the West are vassals. Along the way, a Holy Sepulcher is created in Jerusalem, which replaces the equivalent of Yoros, near Constantinople, and there is honored the sacrifice of power that has united the world. Earlier, following the thread of Dan Gibson (see the book Early Islamic Qiblas, 2017), the worship of this great sacrifice is centered in Petra, where the great shrine of the martyrs of Yahweh is announced in the Book of Ezekiel. Gibson discovers that Arab temples point to Petra, before doing so in Mecca. Mecca and Jerusalem, in that sense, come later. (2) As warned, it is another story, but with a solid documentary basis (never accurate enough, true) which proves that the official story is false until the 17th century. Or rather, it has been completely manipulated, and dilated, and it has been thousands of years where there are barely a few real centuries. We continue.

It creates a global power, with Tartar roots, that controls the world. But there comes a time when imperial power falters, and Muslims occupy Constantinople, Jerusalem, and Egypt. Europe is in crisis, and Jewish power. In this context, the Order of the Temple of Solomon is disallowed, and the king of France and Navarre takes control. But the power of the Kalonymus is rearranged. A new project is being designed from Italy and Iberia, which will make Christ the Messiah. This is why intense religious disputes take place before “European colonization”. In doing so, the power of Avignon (near Narbonne) is transferred to Rome, and the Colonna (probably “converted” Kalonymus) finish the job. The first pope to concentrate power in Rome is officially called Martí Colonna. Avignon is the patriarchate of the West until then, where the allied powers that develop the “free land” unite. Avignon was also a Jewish power, or even a major Jewish power, associated with Western royalty. The Roman Vatican project is later. There was no previous one, according to the X-185 line of the New Chronology. Spinoza has reason. This is why the papacy of Avignon is known as “the exodus from Babylon”.

That is, following this thread, the “discoverers” and “colonizers” are the main princes of Narbonne, today forgotten and then dethroned. They call on their relatives from Catalonia and Castile to fight the Turkish claims, with the support of Italy and the German environment, and they set themselves up as the alternative to the Roman Empire, which lays its hopes there. But it all ends with an internal struggle. The Franks end up destroying the Septimania once the Order of the Temple of Solomon falls, in a crisis of legitimacy, and in Vienna (present-day France) they end up agreeing to rebuild the Order, and that is when the Order of St. John the Baptist is created. Yes, although it is difficult to fit him into the official story, which has temporarily misplaced him. As I said, it is a hypothesis that is supported by multiple neochronological tests, which are now and here left aside so as not to lose the main thread. It is only contextualized that the Kalonymus were the “main” Jewish lineage, in a way much higher than that recognized, but history has made them disappear in the 14th century (when the Jews and the Templars fell in France, in 1306-1307 official). The last, named Kalonymus ben Kalonymus, who has made him a transsexual and a joker, is the son of the last prince and ends up, curiously, between Avignon and Catalonia, in the service of the Anjou, after the occupation of Naples and the marriage alliances with the Catalan powers. Now, there are reasons to consider that: they neither disappeared nor did that happen in the 14th century. The manipulation of history also changed the episodes of the history of place, of context, and the best way to do it was by temporarily manipulating and creating new narratives.

“Jewish” power takes revenge when it enters a crisis, and from a good start it sets out to recover it. The strategy is to announce the Messiah, and assemble a new army, symbolic and military, to regain control of the Holy Land, which has been occupied by the Ottomans after the fall of the Roman Empire based in Constantinople. They know that with the silver and gold of the West Indies, which until then controlled the Order of the Temple, they will be able to pay the most powerful army ever seen to return to control the world. Hence Colom’s Book of Prophecies and the colonial project. But quickly everything changes. The Jewish project will be Christian, and the Jews who stand together as a people will be the main victims in the new Europe, along with the Cathars. In a heartfelt way, the Jews themselves are the main problem, if you can call it that, in the eyes of the converted, or transformed, and everything falters as soon as you start. It is not possible to bring them all to mass conversion. It seems that they and the powers involved do not agree on how to carry out this colonial and messianic “company”, and there is too much suspicion, and pain, of course. This episode is the latest version of the Apocalypse. It is the last apocalyptic message, and the Society of Jesus will be the one to make it come true, once the empires reach an agreement and Jesus is the new icon. The basis of this power fuses the symbol of King David (Bostanai) with that of the Gnostic Christ associated with the great emperor of the world (the king of kings of Constantinople), who makes his school throughout Europe and other versions in the rest of Asia, and in Egypt, and protects the Prester John of India, from Ethiopia. It has its duplicities in the same Buddha or Horus, and in other Greco-Roman deities. But all of them are sent to the past, and imposed on a new, historical Jesus. Thus, the Jesuits will be the “historians” who will educate the world, and will appropriate the biblical sense that they want to impose in the name of the New Testament. They do the job with great diligence, and when they finish they back down (the trace of the “work done” is erased), although later they reappear as a religious order destined to spread Christian values ​​throughout the world. They create human history and order it as we know it today, stretching it out in time. In parallel, they bind the previous text and call it “Old Testament” and, amen, sent two or three thousand years ago. Meanwhile, the European “holy father” and Prester John merge in Rome as the Catholic and Universal Pope, and the Vatican is created. Archaeological forgeries are created to enlarge Rome, and other cities, and mysterious Roman historians “appear” everywhere, helping us to “understand” it. The Ark of the Covenant is left in Ethiopia, which is controlled by the Portuguese, and is left in oblivion, guarded by the Coptic church. This Ark represents the true alliance of the empires of the whole world, but nobody remembers that anymore. Instead we have created the Mongolian myth and belittled it.

Yes, Mongolian. It all starts with Genghis Khan. And that too must be contextualized well. Of course.

The universal peace of the Covenant with God is the Tartar, or Mongolian, whatever the manipulated history says. To erase the trail, they locate the Mongol legend just when (they say) the Exilarchs of Babylon disappear. But in reality they appear then, hand in hand with the struggle of the Keraites and Genghis Khan against the rest of the world, which they end up occupying. Note: The alliance between the Keraites and Genghis Khan is official history.

That is, history has expanded, among other things, creating an artificial past that, in turn, creates new “realities”. And, of course, in creating the powers of Europe it makes them close to Rome, not to the East, which has embraced the same faith in the name of Muhammad.

Following in the footsteps of Genghis Khan, highlight that they create a new power that will eventually occupy the whole known world thanks to the gunpowder that surely comes from China. In the face of this force, no one can resist it, until Tartars and later Europeans learn its technology. But the so-called Mongols do not penetrate alone, since they do so hand in hand with the Keraites, and they occupy Persia and then continue their expansion until they reach the West, over a few generations. Officially, the Keraites are the carriers of the lineage of Prester John, who was the protector and leader of Genghis Khan, but, like the Jews with the Babylonian Persians, they will end up defeated by the “allied” power (Tartar), and then they will agree peace with the union of their lineages, who will be joined by the Greek powers. Thus, the Keraite princess Sorgagtani Beki marries the son of Genghis Khan and gives birth to great emperors, such as Möngke, Great Khan of the Mongol Empire; Kublai Khan, the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire and the Chinese Yuan Dynasty; Hulagu, the Persian Khan who also governs Turkey, Georgia and Armenia; and Ariq Böke, also Great Khan for a short time. This is also official.

From this great history will be born the power of Jahve, and the sacred history. A world peace will appear with a priestly project to be done, which will create schools that later it will be convenient to unite with the colonial project. And, along the way, Europe is occupied. Batu Khan (Genghis’ grandson) creates the Golden Horde on which the Russian empire is built, and the Serracens led by Moses, with the Exilarchs, come here. They are the same family, but everything is stirred in time, to create the glory of Europe, Christian. As defended by the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovsky, “Batu Khan” puts its name on the “Vatican.”

Two great families end up imposing themselves, and they do school. One of his lines is the one we call today Jewish, who would be sons or descendants of the great David. Other lines take over, but not all will become Jewish. For this reason, probably, the Jews who cling more to the historical reading of the Egyptian exodus are the so-called Karaites, with the same name as the Karaites. And that is why the Keraites do not disappear just when the Tartar glory makes them a powerful lineage (as the official story naively states), but then they begin their particular journey to Ithaca. The Karaites are now a minority, and they disagree with the majority Jews, the so-called rabbinics, who make the “holy text” an interpretable work and a school of thought. Likewise, it is said that in the 11th century the Keraites (not Karaites, following the official version) became Christianized and followed the lineage of Prester John, when it probably appears then, from one of the derivations of him, which could be behind the construction of the Coptic church. But all this has been decontextualized.

Result of a “sleight of hand”, John (the Prester or high priest of the Indies) became “the Baptist” and Saint Peter made Rome the capital. History is rewritten and all files are manipulated. The high symbolic power of Christ, the Messiah, is created. Thus, both Colom and the Kalonymus are sacrificed, although they are camouflaged in other lineages, depending on whether they continue with the Jewish or Christian faith. Some of them, Jews, adopt other surnames and erase the threads that lead them to Narbonne (or try to); and, Christians, become great “nobles”, great “monarchs”, even great “popes”, in exchange for great princely powers, such as the one worn, for example, by the Colonna in Rome since the 18th century.

The masterpiece (to place the reader, to make him understand the scope of what we are talking about) was the creation of the historical Christ and the history of the Italian Roman Empire, as we know it. Yes, it is that thick, because it was necessary to create the power of Rome and that of a messiah that was “real”, and he was sent to centuries ago, making him the last of the kings of Israel. And that justifies everything. Everything, also making a tailor-made story, of course, that ends forever with the Jewish kings. The last king, Jesus, no longer has descendants. He comes from King David, but he has no children, and so the Roman church will come to control the symbolic power. Thus there will be no conflict of legitimacy between the Davidic family that feels itself to be the bearer of the destiny of humanity, and I am referring to the Jewish Exilarch version and the dominant monarchy. But, as has already been said, that is not discussed in depth in this writing either, the thread is only left for whoever wants to continue it later.

However, they will be careful when it comes to rewriting history. You cannot change everything, you have to preserve the Davidic power, of Jerusalem. Result of a historical “fluke”, the “Jewish kings” (Kalonymus) disappear and the kings of Jerusalem appear in the court of the Anjou in Naples. And then this honor falls to King Ferdinand the Catholic. How? Question: How does King Ferdinand get the title of King of Jerusalem? Answer: of the marriage with the daughter of the Viscount of Narbonne, better known as Germaine of Foix. From Narbonne? Of course. From Narbonne, as it were. Reflection: Anjou, angels? Are they the most Jewish? Does it have to do with the Priory of Sion? They say it is a novel… Oh no, the Priory of Saint Mary of Sion guards the Ark of the Covenant in Aksum, Ethiopia, when Prester John disappears. How many coincidences. A second carom gives us a hand. “By chance”, the Catalans end up being defeated by the Duke of Anjou, and he leaves his coat of arms in the center of the current Spanish Crown. He is the Anjou and the new king of the Catalans who bears the honor of king of Jerusalem, when there is no longer a physical “Jewish king”, and he has become a symbolic one, Jesus. Oh, and there is a third. The First Crusade, which creates all the orders of chivalry and the Temple of Solomon, is led by the Count of Tolouse and accompanied by the Count of Barcelona, ​​his half-brother, who dies in Jerusalem. Caramba! Wow… that better let it rest. It is even uncomfortable for a neochronologist like me, who only wants to find logical answers to contradictions and coincidences that never are, however unusual they may seem, in the compressed history required by the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovsky. This means that the powers of Narbonne, Jews, were those of the kingdom of Jerusalem, and they were distributed to them by the Anjou and the house of Barcelona, ​​when they were probably an imperial lineage. It also means that the Priory of Sion was Christianized and took possession of the Ark of the Covenant, to create the power of the Holy Chalice, another covenant. And it means that the first crusade may be that it was conceived in Toulouse, or that it really was the other way around, that it moved from Jerusalem to Narbonne. In any case, there is a relationship. At some point in history the Holy Sepulcher is created in Jerusalem, where David and Christ together, because they are closely related, with Genghis Khan.

Is this the unusual deduction where we have to go? It may be, it is the most logical. In any case we are already close. Whether you listen to me or not, following these threads there is a mysterious Jewish power that has been erased from the history books, which deserves to be studied. One way to understand it is how I have fitted it. The last great Jewish prince was Colom, and official history has distorted the facts, the time, and the names so that we cannot see him. He was the “Christ bearer”, and the last “King of the Jews”. He carried the “holy spirit” as we understand it today, and for this reason his name, Colom, in Catalan, means “dove”.


(1) Note: Jordi Bilbeny has informed that was Fernández de Oviedo, not Bartolomé Casaus, like was written, in 2021, September 26th.

(2) Note: The news of Dan Gibson’s work is thanks to Qim Vila, who links heads with the thesis of Chronology X-185, which says that the first temple that honors the martyrs of the sword of God that they will end up creating the Jewish and Christian power is Petra.


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    1. Exactly. It’s hard to believe. But it is the most logical process of neochronological reconstruction, which puts the evidence of Drs. Fomenko and Nosovoskiy in value.

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