The EU votes to hand over the Catalans to Spanish prison, as it did in the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713

Image: Notification of the cessation of the activities of the New York Delegation of the Catalan National Council in London, in 1945, of the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington 25, D. C.

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The EU votes to hand over the Catalans to Spanish prison, as it did in the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713

Today [2021 03 08] the European Parliament, the European Union, vote whether to accept the plea of ​​the Spanish courts to withdraw immunity to the Catalan parliamentarians who supported a referendum on self-determination in which Catalonia decides to stop being part of Spain. Spain wants him to prison and humiliate them, as it has done and continues to do to all Catalans that proclaim their freedom and denounce the Spanish oppression.

[Votation published on 2021 03 09: Carles Puigdemont – 400 votes in favor of 693 votes cast, 248 against and 45 abstentions / Toni Comín and Clara Ponsatí – 404 votes in favor of 693 votes cast, 247 against and 42 abstentions]

Europe, the continent that is characterized by the existence of more nations and languages ​​recognized in the world, all of them assimilable to the Catalan nation, continues to despise the History of the Catalans. It does so against its own constituent principles, especially since it is committed to colonialism between the negotiations of the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713 and those of the Treaty of Vienna of 1725. It is in Utrecht when the Castilianization of the Catalans is agreed, in exchange of an amnesty that frees them from genocide. This is cited in Article 13 of the Treaty of Utrecht signed by King Bourbon and Queen Stuart, and then recognized by the kings of France, Portugal and Savoy and the United Provinces (Netherlands). With this concession, the United Kingdom gets Gibraltar and this opens the doors to the route that will take it to India.

ARTICLE XIII of the Treaty of Utrecht

Whereas the Queen of Great Britain has continually pressed and insisted with the great earnestness, that all the inhabitants of the principality of Catalonia, of whatever state or condition they may be, should not only obtain a full and perpetual oblivion of all that was done in the late war, and enjoy the entire possession of all their estates and honours, but should also have their ancient privileges preserved safe and untouched; the Catholic King, in compliance with the said Queen of Great Britain, hereby grants and confirms to all the inhabitants of Catalonia whatsoever, not only the amnesty desired, together with the full possession of all their estates and honors, but also gives and grants to them all the privileges which the inhabitants of both Castilles, who of all the Spaniards are the most dear to the Catholic King, have and enjoy, or may hereafter have and enjoy.

From this Treaty, Spain condemns the Catalans to disappear as a nation.
Those who push the Catalans to challenge the pretending Bourbon to the throne of Spain, and who defend with the Catalans the legitimacy of the Habsburgs, will now vote on whether Bourbon Spain should condemn Catalonia again for the rights granted in this Treaty.

Otherwise, Western Europe, which is the genesis of the European Union, does not remember that the Catalans helped the Allies defeat Hitler and pressured Franco not to give him more support than he gives with the occupation of Tangier and the 50,000 soldiers of the “Blue Division” (División Azul) fighting the Soviets alongside the Nazis. The Catalans in New York, who are appealing in the negotiations prior to the founding of the United Nations, know that this is true. They know this because they were the ones who collaborated most closely in Operation Torch, which allows American troops to occupy North Africa and begin the attack on Nazism from southern Europe.

Here is the appeal – CLICK.
Here is the proof that makes them Catalan power in the USA – CLICK.

The exiled Catalans and Basques conspired to subdue Franco if he gave way to the Nazis to prevent the Allies from entering the Mediterranean. And Franco knows this, and he takes this into account when repressing the Catalan and Basque peoples, in the same way that it continues to be done systematically after his death, by all those who still believe in Spain which are peripheral peoples to which it must be subjected.
But this is not all.
The European Union does not recall that the United Nations agrees to preserve Franco’s power in exchange for his commitment to return the Bourbon Monarchy to Spain, and this has allowed the crimes of Francoism not to be tried or convicted. The reason is the control of the capitalist bloc of Gibraltar, as a strategic port. And this, in Spain, is understood as a victory that now pushes justice to beg to be able to judge, once again, the Catalans for having challenged the unity of Spain under Castilian supremacy, which is agreed in Europe in the Treaty of Utrecht.
The European Union is in the hands of mediocre politicians, who do not learn the lessons of history, and continue to believe in the right of Spain to judge the very peoples it subjugates, confusing the rights of war with their moral superiority.

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