Historical unconsciousness

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Historical unconsciousness

Andreu Marfull Pujadas
February 29, 2020

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The historical unconsciousness of all the (unrecognized) paths mankind has carved is at the root of all human disputes, in the form of the control of symbolic capital that feeds on the autonomous power of the psychic unconscious. And, not knowing it does not allow us to move towards a better world.

Manipulating reality has a prize, in some cases. Although, generally, at the cost of a high price, to the extent that it denies and legitimizes injustices, or unrecognized acts that want to conform to reality. But, the highest price is the one that must be paid for not having truthful information about reality, and the fact that this does not allow for proper prosecution. Ignorance of reality is the main cause, not the only one, of all human conflicts that have a denial of it at its roots. The underlying cause must it be sought in all forms exercised by human unconsciousness, and everything that denies or neglects. For example: the climate change; the reasons for social rebellions before their state powers; and all the physical and emotional violence that is generated around him.

But, in the twenty-first century, with a flood of unpublished information, this new global consciousness has been promoted, along the lines that Manuel Castells has identified in his work The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture (from 1997 and 1998), but whose journey has barely begun. Nowadays we talk about junk news or fake news, of journalistic roots, which some media call being intentional. And, in another order of things, there is the manifest weakness of controlling state espionage services (and others), which move the unrecognizable threads of the interests of power, hidden in objectives of questionable ethical and moral (such as political and social exploitation and control). But, behind this great truth is, in an unrecognized way, the officialized history, with all its virtues and its defects, which has written the autonomous pen (and invisible) of the power of those who have served the great symbolic capital that has built up the human unconsciousness. The manipulation of reality is not a recent trend, quite the opposite, since time immemorial it has been common, since until this era the great capital has been able to act with much greater impunity, and in a more ruthless way, creating and even ceremoning great sacrifices.

The reality of the present is always interpretable, certainly. It lives with different points of view, and that’s recognized like a normal situation, or common, as it is to discuss to clarify things. But this deal is different when it refers to the past. That is, with the past we are less critical and more condescending, and the debate, if it exists, is in the nuances, since the consensus of official history has been imposed, sometimes voluntarily and sometimes through use and force abuse. Instead, has been built the set of academic bodies of history, aligned around specific cultural currents, with ideas tailored to the states and powers they serve and finance them. And they work for this agreed worldview without being aware of it, except for meritorious exceptions.

Collectivized human memory has gone through the filter of forced interpretation. And the notion and meaning of it has been lost or forgotten, as a result of the great and extraordinary consensus of official historiography that has imposed human hostility, along with its desire for conciliation, in the name of peace and stability, to justify itself with the promise of fostering prosperity.

The reality of the great symbolic power that guides human consciousness is, in some way, a narrative, and always has been. And every narrative can be manipulated. But collectivized manipulation in the name of history has become, the result of the inertia of symbolic capital mutations, in a hybridization of many realities, in which robust truths with half-truths, and other truths that have been manipulated, coexist, or are hidden. At a more uncomfortable extreme, it can even be said that false truths have been created that have become realities, to the extent that they have succeeded in being credible, although in the end they strip off part of their fantasy, or malicious, dimension. For example, a fantasy deal, in this case accompanied by a cult of the human being, has been the belief that the Earth is the center of the Universe, and another more malicious to say that, in the name of faith, there are some gods superior to others, who can be eliminated, along with those who believe in them. And who says gods says prophets, thinkers or other ideologues that certain currents have raised to capitalize, and control, the imaginary of the evolution of the face of power, to give meaning to its constant mutation.

Idealization, for better and worse, has fed history, to the extent that it has become the true and main construction of the worldview of reality. And it has done so to unimaginable limits for the current weak collective consciousness.

The official history is, in this sense, the most obvious result of the manipulation of human unconsciousness, although it is not recognized as such, to the extent that it has been institutionalized and, apparently, is accompanied by documentary sources. But, the documented reality is not necessarily a truth. It is only a document, which has a meaning and a reason to exist. Not everything should be understood as manipulation, certainly, but there are many reasons, in certain cases, to assume that it is so. It is very simple to understand. Imagine that a ruler or person endowed with certain privileges or responsibilities directs large companies, which write part of the story to be remembered. But this character turns out to represent a major power that goes into disgrace, and disappears, so that a crisis of legitimacies is created and others appear in its place, and all this ends with a multiple war and intrusive powers, which want to impose your wills. When this happens, what does the intrusive power do? For starters, destroy all of your adversaries, or at most give them the opportunity to join their service. But it may be the case that the change of powers goes hand in hand with the construction of a new worldview, or a new era that needs a review of history. History is changed and with it a new law is imposed. Then, the change must be structural, and the intrusive power destroys the glory of the character who went into disgrace, along with the power he represented. It destroys the documents and the evidence of its power, and builds new ones, supported by new documents, that falsify reality. Or, even, if necessary, it erases all its existence, or its essence, if it is not possible to erase it altogether. Understanding this aspect is relatively easy, and that’s recognized by certain recognized evidence, which tells us of destruction in the form of great persecutions, stigmata or defamation, as well as identity changes, and, in a way not sufficiently recognized, of destruction, manipulation or falsification of documents. But recognition is not up to its true manipulation. It is the case that, if it is not enough to alter history there is always the option of transferring the defeated and surpassed power to the past, to relocate it to the era that one wishes to rebuild. This is the case of the reconstruction of Egypt’s past and its close relationship with the Jewish people. Its common history has been sent to the past, coinciding with the beginning of the Christian colonization project, by the hand of the evangelization company directed from Rome. And with this, a legendary story for the Italian Roman power has been built in its place, which has since replaced its true Greco-Egyptian and Babylonian, more Eastern past. Today this thesis is or may be reckless, or even offensive, but it is not. Columbus, the Borja and all the powers of Portugal, in the name of the Order of Christ, have been the architects of this change, but not in the sense (or in time) given to them in the official account, and the (false) official documents. In turn, the apocalyptic account of the destruction of Babylon, of the Christian Bible, refers to it. Babylon is, and was, the capital of Egypt, Cairo. That is, the sacred texts have also been sent to the past, and are based on events that occurred a few centuries ago. Yes, there are reasons, and evidence, that prove it. The New Chronology tells us about it (click).

We live in a historical collage of colossal dimensions, which have to do with the use and abuse of the autonomous and uncontrollable power of human unconsciousness. And some of its manifestations focus, in a special way, on the tension of the epicenter of the most sanctified land, Jerusalem, after having seemingly disgraced other centers, such as Tibet, Egypt and the same Italian Rome. At all after having destroyed the power of the western mystical foundation that was once a sanctified sub-center: Jewish and Catalan-Provencal, which in turn was a parallel reflection to another of the main one: in this case Jewish, Armenian, Georgian and Tartar. And there, in those lands, this struggle is still alive. Even, in a way, it must be related to the historical pulse of Catalan against the Castilian and French oppression, although this has been largely deprived of Judaism, this being a similar case to the Scottish, Flemish and Venetian peoples, before their respective states. But, the biggest pulse, the global pulse, is the one that the Great Capital exercises, with capital letters, before all the states that, militarized, submit to their own citizens.

The horizon of the perspective of the mutation of symbolic power has been lost. We live in a historical unconsciousness, which is just beginning to take shape in the collective consciousness. As noted, when talking about the manipulation of history we must see the logic of the idealization of reality, either by exaggerating something or by hiding the opposite. And this practice is very human, and usually goes join the process of maturation of people, peoples, religions or various identities in the always slow and complex process of mutual recognition. All this, without being aware of its connection, has left its dent in the official historical account, creating multiple anomalies. Without going any further, serve as an example the religious or imperial wars, in the name of God or of the great capital, and all the aberrations of reality that have been written down. In a way, understanding this link allows us to open a generally closed door, which leads to the contemplation of the logical contradiction inherent between the obvious manipulations of reality, which confirm all human disputes. And the blind faith in the account of the official history, which has been sacralized, becoming the ultimate foundation of all laws, both of the just and of those that are not.

But the anomaly of legitimized reality has a logical foundation, which allows progress in the awareness of its weaknesses. Then, the construction process is better understood.

On the one hand, there is human awkwardness when it comes to building a divine origin of life and humanity, and the pretentious idea of ​​setting a date, in the name of a sacred text that affirms it. This theme is not at all minor, since, beyond being an exercise in fantasy of doubtful suitability, due to this, the foundations of the dilatation of history have been laid. That is, the documented history is much shorter than stated, and this is because a work has been created tailored to the authority of great powers that have sought to eternalize themseslves. In this way, the short true story has become a long history and doubled in time, for example, creating two great greeces, a classic and a medieval one, when in reality they are the same, as they have developed Anatoly Fomenko and Gleb Nosovskiy (click). Between 1975 and 1979, Anatoly Fomenko carried out the task of plotting the global chronological map with schemes and found, among many other duplicates, the repetition of the classical and medieval chronicles of the Greek Empire. In fact, this is the reason for the discontinuous leap of approximately one thousand years between engineering, architecture and classical sculpture and its evident continuity with the Renaissance equivalent, in which the only change is its Christianization. It has been done in such a way that, even, medieval Greek thought, science and astronomy have been sent to the past, and it has been intended to impose the idea that is recovered in the late Middle Ages. But this so obvious is not recognized, and by the way (or rather at its root) it must be understood that it has been desired to create an autonomous origin of both Jesus and all Christian kingdoms. And hide in this way that everything has It has been, to a large extent, a mutation of identities that has gone join a historizing process to legitimize it. To make this possible, under the yoke of the great symbolic capital that guides human consciousness, the great chronicles of the royal chroniclers and the great testimonies of saints and prophets have been given to humanity, together with the invaluable “help” of historians of antiquity that become fashionable in the so-called Modern Era. All of them are the hidden pen of this great distortion of reality, which has written the official pseudohistory and its associated idea. Despite being a great work, not devoid of good will, despite everything, it is the greatest fraud, or, rather, the greatest collectivized dishonesty ever created by the unconsciousness of the human being.

On the other hand, behind the great and clamorous evidence that we live in a dishonest cultural, historical and chronological scenario, there are the unfortunate genocides, crimes, persecutions and defamations that humanity has led, in the name of divinized faiths or imperialisms of different nature, that is, dynastic, cultural, commercial or simply ideological. We refer to everything that humanity has done to legitimize the unjustifiable, after an infamous contempt and struggle, in which intelligence and the most skilled minds have failed to reason more friendly solutions, based on the freedom of wills in conflict, the result of human immaturity, when it comes to solving the mistakes that she herself denies, unconsciously. Along the way, the cult of human violence has been fed, and countless farce and lies, accompanied by half truths, which do not help in any way to carry out a healthy historical revisionism.

A consequence of this great historical distortion is the cause of some tolerance to a poorly designed reality, to the extent that it has been able to appease the most critical minds, and this has relaxed the desire for revenge and the feeling of indignation that feeds them. But this situation has created another consequence, which must be understood if you want to give a reasonable response. Manipulating reality has built a cognitive dissociation that does not allow progress in human maturity and responsibility. And this leads, inexorably, to perpetual conflicts and disregard capital themes, such as human rights, environmental rights or many other borders between violence recognized and unrecognized, as are the competition for power and all organized (militarized) crime that is intensifying day by day, as well as all other struggles in the name of apparently irreconcilable identities.

After all manipulation, regardless of whether there is good or bad will behind, or feelings of anguish or pathology, a manipulative being appears. And when these beings work in unison, extolled for their reasons, whatever they may be, they become true predators of ignorance of historical unconsciousness, and reproduce it around them. Without having been his intention, the ignorance of the manipulation of history, and of reality, which the academics of official history currently protect, under the pressure of the great symbolic capital, has created a double-edged sword whose blades (if we wish really advance in the construction of a better world) must be discovered. And, then, it must be stripped of their ability to hurt, cut and end any possibility of reconciliation between the past of humanity and its hostile present to, thus, face the future of a more conscious (and responsible) way.


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