BIG THINK: A Russian mathematician rewrote world history — and it isn’t bonkers

Image: Credit: Eleseus / Adobe Stock. From

Tom Hartsfield has published -in BIG THINK– an article of the New Chronology of Fomenko and Nosovskiy, but he doesn’t believe really in this thesis.

Here is the article:

But… Hartsfield doesn’t know all the reality, nor the value of the NC. (English)

The concept of god falsified; the concept of morality falsified;—but even here Jewish priest-craft did not stop. The whole history of Israel ceased to be of any value: out with it!—These priests accomplished that miracle of falsification of which a great part of the Bible is the documentary evidence; with a degree of contempt unparalleled, and in the face of all tradition and all historical reality, they translated the past of their people into religious terms, which is to say, they converted it into an idiotic mechanism of salvation, whereby all offences against Jahveh were punished and all devotion to him was rewarded.

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Antichrist (1895)


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