Manifesto – CAUSA CATALANA (


CAST – Causa catalana, apuntes y comas (Badalona, Òmicron, 2013)

CAT – Catalanophobia: una qüestió d’Estat (Barcelona: La Tempestad, 2018)

CAST – La condena catalana al franquismo (Barcelona: La Tempestad, 2019)

CAT – Els catalans apel·len a les Nacions Unides (Barcelona: La Tempestad, 2021)
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Peaceful trial – EL PUNT AVUI

Xenophobic anti-Catalanism – EL PUNT AVUI

The trial of Spain to the Catalans has begun – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA

Memorandum of imperialism: 1713, when Europe abandoned the Catalans – FREEDOM NEWS

The trial of Spain to the Catalans enters its final stretch – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA

The Spanish judicial power, alone before the relentless historical trial – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA

Another mental map for the discovery of America – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA & CHRONOLOGIA.ORG

The condemnation of the Catalans – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA

Pseudohistory, official – EL PUNT AVUI

The judicial impunity of universal injustice – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA

The electoral campaign of the retaliated Catalonia – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA

Europe abandons the Catalans, as it did in Utrecht – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA

1942: Catalonia and the Basque Country jointly declare their right to self-determination – EL PAÍS COSTA RICA


Andreu Marfull (2014)

Albert Codinas, INH (2014)

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Jordi Miravet, MEMORIAL 1714 (2014)

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The Deplorable History of the Catalans, 1714

1940-1945, the rectification of the national liberties of Catalonia in exile (in America)

THE CASE of CATALONIA, appeal to the UNITED NATIONS, April, 1945

Letter addressed to ten Heads of State, about the Catalan will and the Treaty of Utrecht

Catalanophobia, that’s the question. Catalonia, the Principality of a Crown manipulated by the Spanish historiography

Century X-2014. Official history of Catalonia, commented

Geolocated memory of Police charges on 2017 Oct 1st

An inadmissible judicial order